The Marriage Course – Kasih Sejati (SuChi Success)

  It was a very pleasant experience at Suchi Success’s Kasih Sejati (Except for that one part he got sleepy after lunch and only answer 1.5 out of 7 questions in one of the activities. Boleh gitu stone sampai takleh focus questions? Geram je.)

The speakers were dynamic, experienced and very knowledgeable. Each of them has their unique way of penyampaian but I suka ah. They shared alot of real life scenarios that we may otherwise never hear of. They arent naggy of the points when they emphasize and the physical conditions designed somehow allowed us to share private and intimate exchanges even though we are not sitting together. 

For most of the major discussions like living arrangements, finances, family planning, we have already talked about. It was pretty easy for us. And based on our experience, these are not the kind of things that settles after one discussion. Sometimes, you need reviewing and agreements conditions to come to a compromise. So i guess it’s a good start off point for couples who are looking at these for the first time.

For the “get to know one another” exercises, it was no surprise that we are similar. But what surprised us was how similar we are. It explains how easily we come to consesus and make decisions. How we are able to understand the needs of one another. But in how similar we stand to be, its also our differences that keep the colours vibrant. We may perceive an issue the same way, but we usually respond differently. And more often than not, it’s the response that contribute to whatever follows la kan.

The other topics are mostly what most of us may already be aware of but may not get thorough disclosure about. 

The time felt a tad bit draggy after maybe 4 pm. And the food was so so la. But alhamdulilah. 

Then kan.. Ada this last most activity that got us to write a personal message on a sticker slip and hand it to our partners. Touching la alamak. After everything baru we admit to shedding a tear or two. Haha. Dasar pisang. Emotional amats.

We went with his best bud and his best bud’s cousin. It was nice to be among familiar faces and at breaks we got to share and ask each other about some of the not so personal and private concerns. 



The Final Logistics Meeting

We went to the venue with my parents right after the HDB Appointment on Friday.

  • Paid the next installment of $5.8k
  • Confirmed the location of reception tables
  • Confirmed the cake colours
  • Confirmed the akad nikah layout 
  • Confirmed the berkat
  • Verified the arrangements with regards to songs to be played on the day

The sister AKA maid of honour AKA floor manager joined us because she wanted a feel of the place. When i saw the pelamin for the second time, HOMG aku nak kawin forealsssss eh ni 😢

On the way back, we talked about the bus booking for the groom’s side. And the cars we need for the rest of the day.

And…. The first set of itinerary is up!
While drafting the itinerary, i had to visualise the physical environment and time factors and it gave me goosebumps just imagining the day. Aduh, whats happening?

Β The 1st HDB Appointment

We reached at 10:45am.
we left by 12:15pm.

Except for 4 more documents to be emailed to the officer, everything went well. Alhamdulilah.

We wrote in to request for an expedite on the case in view of nenek seller’s health. Shes been recently diagnosed with cancer. They have yet to get back to us.

But for now, the estimated completion date of the entire transaction is 6th May 2016. But we will start renovation most likely on 1st April 2016 since the atok and nenek seller granted us the indemnity option. We intend to move in right after nikah. In Shaa Allah.


 Cute la pulak the noob home owner kit from HDB. It comes with post cards to distribute to immediate neighbors to introduce us. 

We are entitled to $60, 000 in grant. So in cash, we are paying $1245 for the balance of the stamp and legal fees. Everything else will be from CPF. Settle.

The Wedding Bands

Horrrrrry McAdoooodles!
It’s been over a month. Between the east west daily travelling and the madness of teachers shuffling, time pun tak tau go where already.


 His & Hers, Settled! 

πŸ’° 2800$.

It was the 27th March. We just had an arguement tau. Then he ajak go tengok rings. Boleh gitu? Sungguh tak kuasa eh nak tengok wedding things lepas gaduh all. It was like almost 2 hours later before i agreed to head to Tampines Central. Excited actually la. Heh. Also, because of our schedules, I honestly dont know when we’ll be able to find another good time. 

According to the budgeting, we weren’t supposed to be buying the rings till end of this month. But kengkawans… Kita yang merancang, Dia yang menentukan. Huhuuu 😁

In the boutique, not much drama la since he already picked out my ring when he got the engagement one. As for him, we settled with a simple dual finish. Yay.

Also, the (fugly ass) cards are in the midst of pelan pelan posting/delivering to addressees. I taknak blog pasal the cards. I hate them so very much that i keep telling myself nanti pun orang buang.. So this paragraph is all it’s allocated. Da sudah. 

The Unit




The Floorplan
His Draft

Thanks to HDB, the floorplan mirror image. Bagus ah eh. 

Okay so. Firstly. ALHAMDULILAH! We locked the unit at Jurong West, 5 mins from my workplace. 5 mins from work. 5 mins from work. 5 mins from work! 

…After some grueling 2 months. 

It’s 1119 sq ft.. And retro af. I in so much love with the bedroom light fixtures. But the place needs sprucing of course.

We decided since the beginning that we dont want an interior designer. Last year was warm industrial, this year scandi, next year? We rather work with an open canvas rather than the same concept like everyone. Tak nak k. 

We are engaging a contractor and waiting till end march to start reno. Yay.

For now, we scout for appliances ah.

Counting down:


And idk what is wrong with wordpress. Blogs i follow keep disappearing. Mintak ampun please if i keep re-following you. 

The Outfits

Last Friday evening was our appointment with Bik Mul. She was like.. “Alahai pengantin size cute..” Heh.

Ohhh.. Her new space 😍

Ceritanya gini. Since the first ever time mum and i “booked” her in 2009, she was home based. We go there every pagi raya to get our make up done. So every year, i’ll eye her racks of gorgeous pieces. 
This year, she got herself a new space. So comfy. So clean. So neat. Abeh tu kan.. Shes got a platform depan mirror la omg! Excited la kita. Tapi excited excite takde proper pic of the platform. Haha. Imagine imagine nanti baju da siap can diri kat plarform. 

We sat for a tiny bit. She told F how she saw me grow up since i was like 5? And my huge hair then. And she told us how mum broke the news of bringing forward the wedding to her. Mak aku kan drama. Then it was time to be serious about the outfits.

The Nikah

We decided on a 2 piece for me. Bukan bikini eh. A white mini kurung with a bit of a train. We mashed up 2 of her existing designs and want mine to have a bit of lace with belah tengah in front. 

He is also wearing white. Samping and songkok nyer songket white la kan.

The Sanding

We picked this super gorgeous modern songket. It’s dark blue base with copper-ish benang. The design on it is close together. I sukaaaa. 

Mine should look a tad peplum-ish. Then the kain also with a train.

We decided that he is not going to wear full songket. It will be the same material as nikah but the colour should match the base colour of our songket. Samping & tanjak same sam my songket.

It so happens she was going to KL for personal agenda the following day. Boleh ah singgah tailor. Super zhun pe timing. 

So i told her we are on a budget and also told her the budget la kan. I told her if need be, she can alter the materials we discussed where she see fit. Lesser songket ke lesser beading ke. I trust her ah ultimately. So i okay punya.  

Okay, i cant end this post without documenting how F was during the appointment. I baca baca everywhere, typically the bridal appointments are for the girls. The bride to be will be all over the place stressed about arrangements and the dude will be chilling. But Friday…

After i was done jakun jakun depan mirror and platform tu, i nestled on the sofa looking at the album for familiar faces. I wasnt even looking at the bajus. I subconciously was also wondering what in the world is wrong with me. I saw like 3 familiar faces – which at all didnt aid any part of the discussion. Haiz. Tak faham aku. Arinn, Arinn.. 

So the whole of my “absence” while going through the album, F was diligently studying the colours and what he liked. He was like.. “Eh ni kepla thing i like. Pretty. Sanggul kan?”

That was what snapped at me to be a bit more participating. I need to put in more effort, hello. Then time pilih nikah colour, i told him im looking at offwhite. He wanted white white. Like ultra white. Then he stood and went straight to the racks. Bik mul was like, “Aik, pengantin perempuan i rilek je. Yang lelaki  semangat pulak.”

After putting the colours against my skin, his choice was the obvious winner. It happened again during the baju sanding design. I picked something i thought was nice and i was set with that one. Taknak tengok lain lain. Bik Mul pulled another one and he practically jumped on it. They got me to stand on the platform (ala ala Say YES to the Dress) and F was selling me points for the design. He was like.. 

See how this part does this and this..
This part is much more flattering than the other..
The focal point would be here and not here..

Member went on and on. Bik Mul da giggling and walked away from us. I couldnt help it la sia. I was laughing and laughing. Then the mood picked up. I was more excited choosing the kain and how his should match and bla bla.

I believe i shut off a little because somewhere from a tiny corner of my mind says ours is going to be tailored anyways so no need to be so kecoh here. I was wrong. It was one of the important milestones in our wedding day journey together and i should be a part of it just as much as he was. I think this is one of those experience that let you realise why you were created in pairs and how the other person is and will be there to keep you in check. 
K drama sangat. BYE.



Someone told us that everything will snowball once we kickstart the planning. True but not accurate. 

Trying to survive an avalanche is more like it. 

The ROMM interview

This morning, we left bright and early. Met dad at Tanah Merah and beat the traffic to ROMM. 

We were the first in line. Ustaz pun baru sampai. I briefed F of the whole procedure. When we were at the counter with the officer, dad was still parking. Luckily he came just in time when the number was called to go and see the Ustaz.

So settled. For once, an errand with no drama. 

“Aku Nikahkan Dikau dengan Anak Perempuanku….”

We applied ROMM 2 days ago and going to go for verification interview end of the week.


We picked Naib Kadi, Mohamad Yusof Sa’ad. It’s the way he speaks. It’s gentle and reassuring. Nanti member da heart race race all. Hopefully this will help k. I takleh duduk sebelah you maa. You pandai pandai k.


Dad will be the one shaking F’s hand instead of the kadi doing so. Ever since the first ever time the topic of akad nikah popped up, dad said he wants to be the one doing it. 

He is living and well. It is his entitlement at his daughter’s solemnisation to be able to do so. And i dont want it any other way. 


Our wakils will be the same maternal uncles who respctively wakil-ed our engagement – Cik In & Uncle Din.


His saksi is another elder maternal uncle and mine is my youngest maternal uncle – Cik Din & Uncle. I cried when Uncle confirmed he can come and be my saksi on the 1st May.
You see.. My uncle is in Dubai. Since 2014, I da change wedding dates at least 4 times. Abeh suka suka ah? Tukar je uncle kene adjust leave and fly here ah? Member kerja what. So when we had to change it this time, I was so damn worried he’s not coming. I was so prepared for a reply i didnt want to hear. But Alhamdulilah.

I have 4 other paternal uncles and 3 more maternal uncles. They are all elder than him. But I regard Uncle as my other dad/brother i never had. He’s 10 years older than me and in my first few years, i grew up with him. And since then, he’s been my official guardian in school and such. He has to be a saksi at my wedding. He has to.